Puppy Mills and What you can do to Stop Them A special message from our friend Liz Friedland – Senior Account Director at Puppy Love

Puppy Mills and What you can do to Stop Them

A special message from our friend Liz Friedland – Senior Account Director at Puppy Love


As a fashion publicist, I often find myself focusing on superficial things like clothing, makeup, pop culture, etc. since that is what my job entails. While I absolutely love my job and what I do for a living, there is still something missing. I need to know that I am contributing to the world in a greater way than one outfit at a time. Not to diminish the importance of that, but for me it is just not enough.


As such, I recently started a group called Puppy Love, a group dedicated to creating awareness around the horrid conditions inside the puppy mills. Our ultimate goal is to generate enough support so that congress will listen and shut down the mills.

Hundreds of thousands of dogs suffer in puppy mills in this country. The dogs are prisoners born into worse conditions than those in our country’s maximum security prisons. They are locked in small cages where they sleep, eat, excrete waste and spend every minute of the day. They never step foot on grass or anywhere outside the cage, and some only have an exercise wheel so that any movement gets them nowhere. At least in our prisons, where the worst criminals are sent, each prisoner has a bed, sink, toilet and space to move around. They have recreational time twice a day, are served 3 meals in a cafeteria and have other activities they can participate in. These are individuals whose choices and actions brought them there. These puppies are just born into their prisoner and didn’t do anything to warrant such a life.

There are 2 culprits in this equation – the breeders and the pet stores – those who supply and those who demand. If there are no more puppy mills then the pet stores will have to look elsewhere to buy. Likewise, if the pet stores stop purchasing from the puppy mills there would be no business to operate. If people stop buying puppies in pet stores, the puppy mills will go out of business and the misery will end. While there is the Animal Welfare Act in place, the state and federal governments do not enforce the laws to protect the dogs. The commercial breeders and brokers have huge well-funded lobbying efforts. The only person who is going to make a difference for the dogs suffering in puppy mills is you. Each of us has the power to make a difference by helping to create awareness.

I have created a petition to shut down the puppy mills and make them illegal. It only takes a minute to read and enter your name. The signatures on this petition will be added to the Humane Society of the United States petition to STOP Puppy Mills. With your support we will soon have a very loud collective voice that will get Congress to finally take action.

Click on the link below to sign the petition. Please forward this along to help generate awareness and gather support.



For further information, please visit:




Thank you for your support


Liz Friedland

Senior Account Director

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