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Now that summer is upon us and the beach days grow closer, I want to share with you a few summer safety tips about going to the beach.


As you can see from the picture, I already had my first beach day this May with my three boys. It was a blast and will be the first of many fun beach days this summer. I am currently working on my 6th book, due out in 2009, and beach days are a great break from writing to take the boys and have a fun safe beach day.


When going on a full-day outing with your dog or dogs there are a few things you want to remember, so that you all have fun and no one gets sick or hurt:

  1. Always bring an umbrella for shade for you and your dogs.
  2. It is always a great idea to have a travel first aid kit with you at all times, because you never know when a bee or something else may sting your dog, and if you quickly put some baking soda paste on that you may be able to still save your day. Also have some Benadryl on hand, too.
  3. Bring fresh water and a clean bowl – you do not want your dogs drinking salt water, as it will make them sick and dehydrated. If they get too much salt water in their system, don’t be surprised if they throw up.
  4. Bring sun screen for both you and your dogs. Your dogs get sunburned just like we do (especially their noises) so use a baby non-toxic sunscreen.
  5. Bring plenty of clean, dry towels, as you do not want them to catch a chill. They can catch a chill when they get out of the water on even the hottest days, so be sure to towel-dry them well.
  6. When walking on the beach, remember the sand can get hot on their paws so keep them off the hot sand. Try to walk close to the water where the sand is cool and packed down. It is easier for both of you and that way they will not get too tired out or too stiff, especially if this is the first of many beach days.
  7. Remember that dog need to build their stamina up and get fit again from a long winter of lying on the couch.
  8. Do not feed them any food at the beach. With the sun, swimming and all the running; food will only add to an upset stomach.
  9. When you get home be sure to wash all the sand and salt water out of their hair and be sure they have cooled down and calmed down before feeding them.
  10. As you are washing them, be sure to carefully check their paws for any sharp objects that may have lodged there.

Take Your Pet To Water. Put them in a cool bath or take the garden hose and run cool water under their belly to cool them off fast.

  • Use Alcohol On A Cotton Pad To Wipe Down Their Paws. This will help cool them down fast. Do not use alcohol on their body!!!
  • Offer Them Water. If a dog or cat is too hot, they will not drink so this is where I will use a Pupsicle, to invite them to drink. Please be sure to wet them down at the same time. (If they are overheated they need all the help you can give them).
  • If Your Pet Is Not Getting Cooler. It may be time to call your vet and take them in.
  • Never Leave Your Pet In The Car. A car heats up 10 times hotter than the air outside—and can be disastrous for your pet.

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