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Know where everything is for your dog to evacuate. Should it be a man-made disaster, again?

You’ll know where everything is in order to pack up for yourself, your dog, and your family and

Get out.  When I, in 1985, got my first puppy, my breeder suggested to me that I keep all my

Dogs papers, registration, vet records, shot records, and show records (in 1985, I was showing my

Chinese Shar Pei that was not a registered AKC breed.)  Today the Chinese Shar Pei is a

Registered breed


That was the best advice my breeder gave me and I have been growing with my original file

Cabinet to now where I have an office and closet, where my closet is my custom-made dog

Pantry™, that I built 90% all by myself [see photographs and illustrations of dog pantry].  The

Very basic principles of your dog pantry is going to be the extent, at which, you require storage

Space, time, and desire the most important tip out of all of this, is to keep all your dogs

Records, papers and information, as well as first aid kits in one area you know you can go to all

The time, whether your godmother, friend, child or anyone, you can tell them where to go



For things to store in your dog pantry


Once you have decided on the amount of

Space and time you want to devote to your own personal dog pantry, there are few easy steps I

Can offer you to help get you started on creating not only an important safe area to store your

Records but what can turn out to be a fun area for your dog, you, and your family.  Here are some

Things to think about and plan in order to get you started. Before you start your creative getaway,

Consider what you MUST have vs. what you like to have.  For example, a must have is an area to

Keep your files of important records for your dog.


Picking your area your dog pantry can be as simple as a file in your home office in a filing

Cabinet to an unused empty space, such as under your stairs, a bonus room, small attic space,

Basement space, or perhaps an empty bookcase you’d like to paint and have in display

Somewhere Do you have an area where your crafts supplies and wrapping paper?  You could

Add to this.  Or an art room the point I’m trying to make is that this area is for the necessary

Paperwork that the owner needs to have in hand when owning a dog but also about creating a

Joyful place where you, your dog, and your family can many of the fun projects in this book.  It’s

About enjoying the smaller in life with your animal how much fun to refinish a thrift store piece

Of furniture and your dog helping by stepping in non-toxic paints and leaving paw prints all over.

It’s all about joy, whatever gives you happiness and joy for you and your dog can be created into

Your pet pantry

Suggested Supplies for Your Dog Pantry


Remember to label everything and think outside the box as you collect items for your room. If you do not have a closet, use a back wall of your home office; make a closet within the room.

If you are a scrapbook enthusiast, then you know how those scrapbook supplies can add up quickly.  Before you know it, you will have a variety of papers, embellishments, tags, stickers, adhesives, and punches. The problem is, when you accumulate many of the necessary supplies for making your scrapbook pages, it can become very frustrating if you have to hunt around to find where you stored your stuff. The answer lies in creating an organizational method for your supplies, so that when you are ready to make a scrapbook page, you can find what you need easily.  Here are some ideas to help you organize your scrapbook materials.


General Organizing – who would like to use extra drawers,

  1. Office supplies – Label the fronts of the trays with vinyl binder labels which are available at office supply stores. Each tray can be for a different bill-paying category, staplers, pens, pencils, tax receipts, copy paper, stamps, and thumbtacks, etc.
  2.         School supplies, homework, Brownie info, sheet music, artwork, flash cards, unfinished

Projects (all the pieces stay together)

  1. Kitchen supplies like placemats, napkin rings, extra utensils, candles
  2. Gift wrapping supplies, bags, ribbon, bows, tape, gift cards
  3. “Junk” drawer items like screwdrivers, matches, birthday candles, and flashlight.
  4. Small hand tools like screwdrivers and hammers, nails, frame hangers
  5. Jewelry: use those black-sectioned jewelry trays to make organizing even easier. Lots of items fit into these trays perfectly, including makeup, hair styling accessories, lotions, finger nail polish, bathroom supplies, medicines, Band-Aids
  6. Kid’s crafting supplies like fuse beads, clay, Playdoh, paints, markers, puzzles, game pieces, cards, dice, yarn stencils, magnets, unfinished projects (pull one tray out at a time and clean up before another tray can be taken out)

If you pantry is large enough, here are a few suggested details you might want your pantry to have. Then to get you started there is a list of suggested supplies for your dog pantry.




Details for Pantry     Supplies

Basket for Storage (wrapping paper rolls)      Baskets for projects

Counter Space Brushes

Pegboard         Buckets (for storage or cleaning)

Pole for Ribbon Storage     Different kinds of papers

Clear plastic jugs (to store: snaps, buttons, push pins)      Batting, industrial staple gun, fabric to make padded fabric walls

Glass jars        Wallpaper

Food Cans wrapped with paper  Shelf liner

Ottoman Glue

Hang fabric to cover shelves        Iron

Wood hanger (ribbons & tapes: storage)         Table legs and chair arms (for projects)

Chair      Tools

Paint one wall of closet with bright color        Grooming Tools

Cabinets (readymade)         Chalk Paint

Well-lit sink is ideal  Last-minute gifts

Shelves  Fabric

Corkboard (storing paper notes)  Dowels

White board (for writing notes)    Wrapping paper

Wire racks       Gift-wrapping supplies

Glass Jars        Cardstock

Save all old/broken picture frames: great to hang on baskets or plastic tubs like luggage tags




Bead board






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